Wednesday, April 21, 2021

30 Hilarious Christmas Posts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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For genius pranksters, Christmas is just a reason to layout their ultimate plans. Whether that’s finding the fun in Christmas decorations, the city has put up or executing their own pranks. As long as no harm is done, making people laugh is just part of the Christmas spirit during this time.

A dad is sending his kid in an ugly sweater to school, a prankster making sure their family members stay alert of their surroundings, and cat owners just trying to keep the cat in check. It’s such a blessing to see how people are spending their past Christmas since we’re all now in lockdown.

And thanks to them sharing these online, we can also laugh from the comfort of our bed. Check this out if you wonder how this family had the most unforgettable Christmas ever.

“I replaced a picture of my sister with one of Vladimir Putin before my family came over for Christmas, they haven’t noticed yet.”


“Let’s see how long it takes for mom to notice I rearranged her X-mas blocks.”


Family picture photobomb.


Christmas intensifies.


“I discovered a harsh reality this Christmas.”

Christmas in style.




You heathen.


“Socks are an excelente! gift actually. Potato Happiness Chart.”

“Went to buy a Christmas tree high, came back with a Dragon.”


“My bro told my grandma, jokingly, he wanted 100 things from the dollar store for Christmas, grandma doesn’t like being challenged.”


“Accidentally sent my son to school with his newly bought ugly Christmas sweater. Didn’t realize what Santa was doing until his kindergarten teacher pointed it out when I picked him up after school.”


Doggo and his own tree.




Dog’s favorite toy!


“Merry Christmas!”


“So my city just got decorated with Christmas d**ks.”


“A minute of happiness.”


Woah, what could this be?


“Someone isn’t to be trusted with a decorated Christmas tree.”


In charge of nativity.


“You can tell the age of a Christmas Tree by counting the lines of duct tape on the box.”


What’s happening?!


Christmas cookies for the whole country.


Last Christmas…

“Wife bought a chalkboard Xmas tree to count down the number of days until Xmas. I’ve been erasing the number and writing conspiracy theories instead, infuriating her. Today, she took it too far…”


“I sat there, staring, wondering why my religious Mother in Law had a severed Toe Christmas tree ornament. Upon closer inspection…”


“When your Christmas outfit looks like a Starfleet uniform.”


“Parents haven’t noticed my Christmas sweater yet.”


“Here’s my brother’s present. It was a gift card.”


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