Wednesday, April 14, 2021

28 Times People Hit Another Level Of Cringe And Made It Into ‘Cringetopia’

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We will have to apologize if you are walking out of this article with that itchiness under your skin that you can’t reach. Cringe things can be pretty dangerous when one is overexposed to them. How can people be cringey and not realize how painful it is for others to see?

These cringe things truly age like milk on the Internet. But one good thing out of things like this is to know there are worse people out there than you.

Woah, mom.


“Saying “OK Boomer” to a distinguished scientist because you can’t actually defend yourself.”


What is cringe? Where does the word come from? When we cringe, we feel awkward and want to stop looking or hearing at whatever it is. We wish to erase the memory and push it as far back in our minds as possible. But what was the origin of the word itself? Did people of old times understand what being cringey mean?

Remember Netflix’s ‘Cuties’? Yeah, wish I could un-remember this, too.


“How to be hypocrite 101”


“Cringe post followed by a funny.”


“The Definition of L.”


“Disney keeps taking this down…”



“This would haunt me for the rest of my life.”


“Umm, yeah, that’s a big yikes.”


“I always think that too…”




“Stop being Norwegian, you racist.”


“Just do the challenge, man.”


“This Animal Crossing sh** is cringe but entertaining as hell.”


The original word to cringe was ‘cringan’ from Old English. It means “give way, fall (in battle), become bent.” In other words, that’s the reaction of most people when exposed – we have the urge just to curl up and move away from that place as far as possible. It had more of a ‘giving up in a battle,’ meaning back in the days.

Complete with actions.


“Posting BuzzFeed is practically cheating here.”


“Oh, Lord.”


“It’s actually quite sophisticated stuff.”


“Rather be single and homeless than paying half rent.”


“What can I say”


Looks like it.




“Nobody cares!”


“He’s also 1 million times more useful than she’ll ever be.”


It appears that cringe comedy or cringe posts are popular. The subreddit ‘Cringetopia’ currently has over 1.1 million members. Yeah, 1.1 million people who enjoy watching people making a fool of themselves and at the same time constantly feel the hair on their back stand.



“This is why I can’t go to anime con.”


“This aged like milk…”


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