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24 Times Wedding Photographers Snapped Something Hilarious

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Wedding photos are considered a treasured memento for forever memories. In all cases, couples tend to have a clear plan of what they want, including flattering poses (who and not to snap a photo with) and even beautifully designed gardens/halls. But sometimes, the wedding photos, in particular, doesn’t seem to go quite as planned.

Weddings are fun but can sometimes be messy and chaotic. Having a wedding, in reality, means you can end up with some pretty hilarious wedding photos.

However, a typical wedding that involves severe weeks of preparation and even minor irritation can be better with a slice of humor and perhaps a little craziness, just like the fellows compiled in this article.

When Its Feel Like You Don’t Belong Here


These hilariously Strange photos prove that weddings are never perfect and that even if they’re a complete disaster, there’s an iota of fun for everyone involved. From a nocturnal bird crashing a bride’s pose to getting married on Halloween, never expect your special day to go as expected.

‘My Friend Walked Out Of The Reception When The Bride And Groom Were Supposed To’


Pet Disagrees To Be Left Out In Wedding Photos

Jenny Cupcakes

It’s Appears Kids Dislikes Boring Weddings


Here’s A One In A Million Wedding Photo. Can You Spot The Lightning?


The Photo Looks Ok, Except That The Groom Is Wearing Only One Shoe

Awkward Family Photos

When A Bridesmaid Is Hotter Than The Bride


‘My Sister Got Married And Asked I Save Her A Newspaper From Her Wedding Day’


You Don’t Need A Wedding Cake When There’s Shawarma


This Kid Evidently Doesn’t Like Weddings


‘My Husband & I Were Going To The Wedding Reception. The Road Had Many Turns, And The Driver Was Going So Fast That Both Of Us Felt Sick’

Awkward Family Photos

Expect Creepy Things When You Get Married On Halloween


The Little Girl Is In Either Doubt Or Shock

Orange Girl

The Bride Shouldn’t Have Jump In Such A Dress. Ever


Wife Hilariously Slept off In An Hotel Hallway After Wedding


The Best Description Of Worst Wedding Guest Ever


Nocturnal Bird In A Tussle With Bride


Be Careful As You Can Lose Your Eye To Confetti


Now, The Couple Is Tall Enough For Their Wedding Photo


Groom Sister Passed Out When The Judge Said: ‘You May The Kiss The Bride’


Bride & Groom Isn’t Happy After Group Of Navy Seals Mistakenly Photobombed Wedding Ceremony


‘My Brother Got Married In January. My Parents Loved This Photo. So Do I But For Different Reason’


This Photo Was About Half A Second Before The Groom Kissed Dirt


Flower Girl Is Exhausted Of All The Wedding Stuff


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