Tuesday, August 3, 2021

22 Hilarious Times People Found The Background Of A Picture More Interesting

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Photobombing is like a gem in the rough. You never really know what you found until you snap those pictures. Because having a camera in your handheld is pretty much a given now, it’s become so much easier to snap hilarious blurry photobombs at the perfect timing.

These are just the best of the best of the old times. The best kind of photobombs is always the kind that you don’t plan for. They are often in some form of accidents, captured at the very right moment that also seals the hilarious expressions people have on them. These pictures ended up finding a place in the subreddit ‘Perfect Timing‘ because of that.

Scroll on and we hope you get a good laugh out of these!

“The moment my dog kicked him in the balls.”


“Where has my beer gone?”


“Unindentified Flying Sandal.”


“You know the depth of field is perfect when you can feel the hatred of the women in the background.”




“An inconvenient ripple in space time ruined the night.”




That man was absolutely enjoying the view.

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“A friend of mine posted a baby pic of her at Disney… everyone was way more intrigued by what was happening in the background.”


“This surprised squirrel.”


“PsBattle: Duck with burning background.”




“Imma kill you.”


“So we got our engagement photos back and there was one to rule them all.”


“A car falling down.”


“We have no idea where the kid came from or who he is. Noticed him AFTER picture was taken!”


“Had a caption until the lady in the background nailed it for me.”


“Attack of the butterfly.”


“When high fives go bad.”


“My cat wants those pancakes.”


“That pig.”



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