Tuesday, May 11, 2021

21 Oddly Satisfying Snow Pics That’ll Calm You Down

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Do you love snow? Soft, fluffy, and cold. Snowfall is a calming scenery to enjoy, often leaving behind thick, soft layers of white that are so serene. Sure, it can be quite a hazard for drivers and pedestrians when it’s snowing hard, especially with the recently 40″ thick snow that blanketed Binghamton, New York.

But when you’re just sitting on your sofa, overlooking the scene outside as those small white fluff covers the ground, doesn’t it calm you down? Grab your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy this list of snow pictures that people really couldn’t do without sharing the beauty with others.

“Art only nature can create. My fence this morning after a snowy night on Terschelling, the Netherlands.”


“The snow melted and slid down the wire in a spiral form.”


“Snow at Versailles.”


“How my cat feels about snow.”


“When constant winds and ice meet a fence.”


“Apple orchard after a snowfall.”


“The snow was very geometric when I went skiing.”


“Fresh snow over Christmas lights.”


“This crazy ice wave formation from snow slowly melting off the tin roof of my patio.”


“Yep, that’s snow.”


“The ice neatly folded itself.”


“The way the snow rolled down on my windshield.”


“A perfect snow flake landed on me after work.”


“Snow clinging on to the branches of a tree, Finland.”


“When they ask if there’s much wind where we live…”


“This stop sign after a week of no sun.”


“Snow Striped Forest”


“The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on my friends driveway.”


“The way the snow accumulated.”


A manmade arch, a masterpiece.

Gravity Glue

“This pattern in the snow on a patio table.”


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