Tuesday, May 11, 2021

20 Strangest Incidents That People Couldn’t Explain Themselves

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There are people absolutely turned off with talks about ghosts and strange phenomena. Especially people who think everything can be explained with theories, logic, and science. But it wasn’t until a few hundred years ago do science saw a huge breakthrough, dispelling supernatural and fictitious explanations of some of these.

Yet, stories of ghosts, hauntings, and unusual happening persist. In fact, science still has to bow down to these unexplainable incidents and work even harder to explain them. Some will say that it’s their mind playing tricks on them. Then how do you explain 16 pilots and dogfighters witnessing UFO Tic Tac that blinded their senses for a minute straight?



My other half.


The meteor.


A ghost dog.


UFO Tic Tac.


You’re one of them.


A handshake.


The four missing bolts.


Yeah, nope, not dealing with that now.


A secret route.




The day that wasn’t.


Connected dreams.


The missing car.


A child’s call.


Our old house.


She knew.


An invisible helper.


The Lady.


The missing paper.


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