Sunday, February 28, 2021

20 People Who Manage To Break The ‘Rules' So Hilariously

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These are people who don’t let rules define them. Why let some stupid regulations ruin your fun? Some people really can’t stand doing exactly as they are told and love literally doing the opposite of what they’re told. Like kids, they never stop finding ways to live their lives one level more excitingly than most.

The ‘First World Anarchist’ subreddit is filled with such people. No, they don’t cause actual public disruptions but rather find delight in small rebellious actions. Particularly going against directions on the packaging.

“Mad lass.”

“I don’t give a damn!”


“Cola Wars have escalated.”


The great Cola Wars is possibly one of the world’s most studied case studies for marketing, branding, advertising, etc. There isn’t a single economic student in this world who hasn’t heard or watch how Pepsi Co. and Coca-Cola roasts each other from an ad after the other. Did you know that Coca-Cola contained cocaine until 1929?

“I did not keep this bag away from cheese. Shoe polish.”


“They’re both coffee.”


“Use the elbow.”


“Or whatever you want. It’s a free country.”


“I felt so badass…”


“I faced all 200 chairs in my lecture hall towards the back.”


“I’m bringing my sausages on this bus.”


Australia is popular for many things, from its native species such as kangaroos and spiders to unusual road signs that aren’t seen anywhere else in the world. For example, they’re the only ones to warn drivers about car-eating cows. But it is partly thanks to the blunt and fairly open way of Australians to warn people to be safe.

“No pets allowed.”


“A box can’t tell me where to put my pies. The capitalist agenda is foiled once again!”


“Nintendo HDMI cable being used on an Xbox-one S.


“I noticed my roommate’s batteries and charger for the first time today.”


“My fourth grader’s math homework. She said, ‘This way I didn’t even need to think about it.'”


“Tearing the opposite corner.”


The first gummy bears ever made in 1922 were quite large compared to the ones we enjoy today. The founder, Hans Riegel, was inspired by training bears who would walk the street during festivals. The gummy bears were loved by both kids and adults, remaining affordable despite World War I’s financial crisis in Germany.

“Breaking the law.”


“My husband at the apple store…”


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