Tuesday, August 3, 2021

20 People Who Are Truly Gifted In The Art Of Handcrafting

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Creativity is not something that can be taught. You can always teach people how to do woodwork, paint, color, and other activities. But the ability to create something out of their own hand, not simply follow an example, is not something you can teach. That is why we truly appreciate it when people share their creativity, hard work, whatever medium is used.

These people share their work on the subreddit ‘Something I Made.’ More than 1.3 million members happily share what they made that they. Every work is to be appreciated, but these people show exceptional talent in what they do.

“I’m a 16-year-old blacksmith, and I forged this whale bottle opener!”


“I made a big batch of pottery.”


“A burnt marshmallow plush I made. So happy with the result!”


One of the best place to find quality handcrafted items is actually the thrift store. These secondhand shops sell all kinds of items at the most affordable price. Of course, you cannot guarantee the genuine level of products aside from relying on your eyes. But these places pack some surprises that no department store and brands can ever top.

“I decorate masks with any junk bought at a flea market.”


“I made this bouquet today.”


“I made my old girl a sofa, to people watch from.”


“How it started vs. How it ended”


“Transformed our yard into an oasis.”


“‘The Burger’ got inspired to make a wooden burger puzzle for my nephew!”


“I made my first armor ever and it’s easier than it looks!”


There are 90 types of handcraft art recognized in this world. But creativity is something that people express through different mediums. The majority of people think of physical goods and objects when it comes to creativity. We live in a digital age where creativity can also be expressed through digital means, such as video editing, web designing, etc.

“I made a paper-mache hot air balloon into a hanging planter.”


“Made a climbing wall in the basement for my kids.”


“Hand-embroidered adidas collage logo on upcycled white denim jacket.”


“Built my girlfriends daughter a kitchen playset for Christmas. Bedtime has been a battle ever since.”


“Tulip Handmade Gourd Lamp”


“Made my sister a wooden chest with the Harry Potter book collection! Sorry, my woodworking skills aren’t the greatest, but I tried my best! Happy Christmas!”


“I made a mountain napkin holder from some offcuts. saw the design in metal and thought it would look nice made out of wood as well.”


“I carve avocado pits, and make necklaces like these here.”


Admit it: not everyone has the same pair of hands these crafters have. Some of us are just born clumsy but remember: crafting is not just about the result. The activity of throwing yourself into creating something is stress-relieving. Depending on the activity, the benefits can differ. Coloring is a widely-known activity most people enjoy expressing themselves and distracting the mind from stress.

But most importantly, you really do not know what you can do until you give it a try. That is what handcrafting is like. So, why not give yourself a go if you have been looking into trying something new?

“First time woodworker – this was my first project. Cat bowl boards. Not perfect by any means but was a fun project!”


“Made this hot air balloon for my daughter’s first birthday! I’m pretty happy with it!”


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