Tuesday, January 26, 2021

20 Interesting As Heck Pics That Will Make You Curious

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What’s more boring than holing in your room because of the pandemic? Even if you force yourself to go out, there is either a strict lockdown regulation in your state or city or nowhere else actually to go. The best place to be is home, where you have Wi-Fi, Netflix, and maybe your lovely pet.

To help with your dire needs for entertainment, we’ve compiled 20 of the most recently interesting things. People who gather in ‘Interesting As F***‘ on Reddit share the most unusual things that happened to them. Whether that’s creating a plasma in their basement or finding a $5000 ring underwater, we know these will get your interest piqued.

The subreddit itself has 7.2m members, with a new post popping up every minute or so. There was a time when the Internet was an exclusive technology for the military and only consisted of numbers. But just a few decades later, we’re now living at a time when the Internet is an essential part of our life. To watch how far we have advanced in technology, this list is one way to do that.

“Dad created plasma in the basement. Apparently it is the 4th state of matter and is created under a vacuum with high voltage. He has been working on it for a while and is quite proud of himself.”


“In the forearms there is one very small muscle that contracts only when lifting the pinky, otherwise it is invisible. Michelangelo’s Moses is lifting the pinky, therefore that tiny muscle is contracted – a small part of the many details of this masterpiece.”


“An 8-mile long “canvas” filled with ice age drawings of extinct animals has been discovered… in the Amazon rainforest.”


“The first ever documented case of biofluorescence in Tasmanian devils was captured tonight at the Toledo Zoo.”


“How nails are orientated correctly prior to boxing.”

“This is a picture of Abu Tahsin al-Salhi, an Iraqi veteran sniper who is credited with killing over 384 ISIS members during the Iraqi Civil War, receiving the nickname “Hawk Eye.” The leader of ISIS was so afraid of him, he put a bounty of $250,000 on the sniper.”


“When you wake up to 40″ – 44″ of snow in one night.”


“Jumping on a ship that’s going over large waves”

“My kind of Christmas tree.”


“An albino peacock flying over a regular one, and it looks indeed his spirit or an out of body experience.”


“That’s the most involved flip book imagery I’ve ever seen.”

“The black-and-white costume.”


“A cancer cell slashed open by an ion beam.”


“Japanese Traditional Joineries.”

“WW1 Memorial in Vácrátót, Hungary.”


“Sanjay Singh, Indian athlete, honoring the debt of milk. The cow whose milk enabled him to fetch 3 gold medals.”


“I went diving with my metal detector in a private lake and was able to return multiple valuables to their owners, including a $5000 wedding ring that was lost for almost 5 years!”


“An old sculptor built a gnome from old parts right on the territory of a gas station on a highway in Belarus.”


“Best wildlife photo of the year 2019.”


“The range of an M132 Armored Flamethrower.”

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