Thursday, February 25, 2021

20 Hilariously Extra Dad Things Ever Shared On The Internet

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Dads, they’re such peculiar people. They can’t stop themselves from cracking dad jokes, no matter how much we explain how cringey they can be. We tell them they’re embarrassing us so much with that pose, but it definitely incites them to be even more ridiculous than ever.

As kids, we like to think dads are really cool and strong. As we grow up, we know the puns and jokes will only get worse. Nevertheless, we still love them for all their blunders, awkward punchlines, and picture poses. May our dads remain as the brazen, creative, impulsive joke crackers for a very long time.

“My dad after realizing he ate half his sandwich with the wrapper on.”


A dad who decided to make a pun out of his daughter’s name.


They are also mostly technophobes… hopefully.


They’ve got the knack to crack jokes with new terms.


A pretty accurate measurement.


He’s got the B suit.

The most creative people in the world when it comes to useless things.


They give new unique names.


Mistakes were made, but their intentions are well.

He managed to think of a dad joke even during the most critical times.


He’s a man of few words.


At least we know they both love cats.


They will do anything to convey what’s necessary.


Sometimes they just miss their kids.


“Went to my parents house today. My dad labeled his phone.”


They get a hang of things really quick as well.


They can be pretty resourceful as well.


This dad who could’ve never imagined.


They do things with a purpose.


They know when to be extra.


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