Sunday, May 9, 2021

20 Hilariously Crazy Hairstyles That Make People Go ‘WTF’

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We are all unique individuals with our own tastes. It’s not unusual to see someone out to do something different for themselves. Getting a haircut and changing your hairstyle can change your overall appearance greatly. A professional hairdresser knows the best haircut for you.

But these… these need to stop.

It’s easy to see that a majority of them come from teenagers’ blunder days. Some were probably impulsive decisions taken without many considerations. Some don’t know what’s going on in their life, nor do we understand what their peculiar taste in hairstyle is supposed to represent.

A helicopter.


He’s got a nice hat right there.


He asked the hairdresser to give him an almond haircut.


Whoa, that’s… a little extreme.


Lizard hair.


Is this supposed to be your very early memory of life or something?

Boredom Therapy

What the actual- what are those?!

Boredom Therapy

Punk goes sideways, too.

Boredom Therapy

Benny Harlem has been keeping this hairstyle for YEARS.


Tiger print lovers when animal activist strikes.


Rat tail hair.


Girl… delete this.


This one is a pineapple.


Ah yes, check out my cool helmet.


He’s proud. Let’s not break it to him.


She made her favorite snacks clear.


If that’s his actual hair, that’s quite the artistic and precise cut on his facial hair.


When you can’t decide between Elsa and a soccer player.


Not washing your hair for months look like this:


Alright, this has got to stop.


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