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20 Hilarious Parenting Posts From 2020

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Parenting in the year 2020 is different from 1990. At the risk of sounding like a 50-year-old, kids these days seem to be more creative and wilder. Most of us can’t remember how we were as kids, but… was parenting really this hard? It’s great to see children more open about their opinions, but it can really hurt us right in the spot.

These people shared posts related to their kids, and any parent will relate. Parenting in modern civilization, especially during the pandemic, is not easy.

“Daughter wanted Barbie centaur… Introducing Barbitaur.”


“3-year old poured a can of soda into my $2k PC.”


The pandemic is definitely the highlight of 2020. Everyone is experiencing the impact, whether losing their job or dealing with homeschooling while working from home. But for kids, this might not necessarily be a bad thing – at least that’s what a 7-year-old said on Thanksgiving day. In her words, “2020 was a good year.”

“Leaving a 2 year old unattended to play office with your old computer that still works.”


“‘Mom I learned how to french braid!’ – My 8-year-old daughter. Poor Bill!”


“My son is “hiding” from me. That is my skirt that I am wearing.”


“Bought my daughter a gaming chair…”


“7 y.o. girls really know how to hit you where it hurts.”


“Ok so, my youngest son built a blanket fort and insisted on big bro joining him in the fort to hang out.”


“My 10yo son wanted me to share with all of you the suit of armor he’s been constructing.”


“My son put his growing dinosaur in a glass that was too small for it, so the head stayed small.”


Staying cooped up at home can really drive people nuts. Not being able to work in the usual manner and relying on online networks can be very annoying. But for kids, simply being there with people they love is all that matters. Previously mentioned 7-year-old commented, it was the “family movie nights, playing video games with her brother and spending extra time with Dad” that made things great.

“My daughter’s secret handiwork… I just found this and now I can’t stop laughing.”


“Our 4 year old set this up while I was in the bathroom and then proudly announced that I was trapped.”


“A 4-year-old at my school just told me they liked my minion costume. These are just my clothes.”


“Where in the dad manual did it mention how to stop a 3-year-old from taking bites out of f***ing dry wall?”


“My daughter said, “I don’t like the wrapper on these” and then peeled her hot dogs.”


“My toddler daughter rode on my shoulders and touched my face during our last hike, grabbing random leaves as we went along…. I’m highly allergic to poison ivy.”


A 15-year-old teenager from Westford, Mass, shares her song on YouTube. A song she composed herself and played on the ukulele. She was a girl who was visibly struggling with anxiety and socializing. To her parents’ surprise, the extra time alone has given her the courage to reach out “to support others through her music.”

“My daughter handed me a can of Olives today…”


“Asked our daughter to pick up four or five bandannas from Wal Mart today. She had no problems!”


“I am experiencing some kind of trauma. She climbed the fridge and stole my cheese.”


“Spent the last 3 days looking for my AirPods and then my 2 year old tells me to look at the orange juice.”


Kids can be rough and even seem merciless with their words. But watching how simple their happiness often teaches us that it’s really that simple. To be happy isn’t complicated nor farfetched.

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