Wednesday, April 21, 2021

20 Christmas Posts By People Who Are Having Hilariously Worst Day

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Christmas is supposed to be exciting for us all. It’s the holiday season, and we get to spend time with our family. Well, 2021 has not been kind to anyone at all. But at the very least, most of us are celebrating it with the Christmas spirit and putting up decorations still. Can’t meet up? Video calls made it possible to hold family gatherings wherever you are.

However, these people have to remember their Christmas as one sad day when their parents just used a plain white sock as they lost yours somewhere. Or because you have a cat.

One way to feel better would be to watch others having it worse than us, it seems.

“I was putting up Christmas lights on my roof a while back when this happened…”


“My mom left $300 unattended, my nephew (special little kid) thought it was just papers. Merry Christmas mom.”




Every year, the National Safety Council or NSC estimates death numbers during Christmas. It’s one of the longest observed national holidays in the US when families travel a lot for vacation. The most used means of transportation is the car, which also accounts for the highest fatality rate per passenger.

“Well, there goes Christmas lunch.”


“Got an interesting package in the mail today. I have no idea who sent it… Merry Christmas, I guess.”


“Hid the ham from the dog in the oven. On a plastic carving tray. Turned the oven on to preheat for the roast turkey.”


“Brand new Christmas decorations, dog did not approve.”


“The holiday season means bottomless egg nog!”


“I’m spending Christmas at my Australian GF’s parents place. Brushing my teeth in the morning I look up and this is what I see on the inside of the window. I love the weather here, but f*** that!”


“Christmas dinner is ruined.”


One of the biggest factor for fatal crash accidents is alcohol consumption. The NSC estimated over 400 deaths in 2018, and the actual death count did not fall far from it: 380. In 2021, uncertainty factor is high due to the social distancing measure, but it’s predicted to reach around 340. Among those involved in car accidentals, the seatbelt accounted for 45% of the survivors.

“Merry Christmas.”


“Wife wanted to get down our Christmas tree from the attic. I told her not to step on the drywall… She later admitted that she didn’t know what drywall was.”


“Neighbor just tried to throw his Christmas tree from the balcony. Not sure where it should’ve landed ideally.”


“My parents made my wife a stocking for Christmas.”


“I bought my dog an advent calendar, who then explored all 24 days of Christmas while I was pumping gas.”


“Christmas toy, meet dog’s water bowl. Dog’s water bowl, meet Christmas toy.”


Thoughtful aunt.


Needless to say, if you have been cooped up for Christmas, you probably dread the coming New Year. It’s going to be gloomy if you don’t do anything about it. Forbes advises you to plan a day out, somewhere it’s not crowded like the big park or the forest preserve. Take virtual tours around the world, and spend time for self-care, such as taking a warm bath, listening to podcasts, and plant meetups online with friends and family members.

“I forgot about the chicken.”


“Those crazy kids messing with the neighbor’s Merry Christmas decoration.”


“Why the wife says we can no longer have a real Christmas tree.”


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