Wednesday, April 21, 2021

18 Hilariously Interesting Pick-Up Lines That Men Have Ever Used

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TikTok is not the place for the happiest moments in your life. The moment you share that, the lonely, bitter souls of those millennials and Gen Z’s will strike hard. Really hard. Happiness is not real, and men are just… these creatures who can’t flirt and court normally no more.

Rachel Wilson is smitten by her boyfriend and shared a sweet TikTok of him.

The video blew up with 1.3 million views on TikTok and 179.5k likes. But what Rachel probably did not calculate is how women had turned to, instead, share weird pick-up lines and borderline offensive text messages from men.

Proceed with the mindset that love is dead now. All that is left is dry laughter, pessimism, and the bare minimum requirement of a decent human being sometimes.

Let’s start mild: the typo.

The polite, but rude sir.

The kind that blames you randomly.


The kind that ruins your life that says, “Relax.”

Accidents happen.


This guy that’s already planning for the casket’s flowers.




Can I have permission? So it won’t be unsolicited.

Yo, there’s hair…


Eh, I’ll just wear a mask then.


Eh, my bad.


More of a creature.


The honesty, but also the audacity.


So, would you like to be my backup?




Good luck, bud.


Yea, nice to meet you.


Uh… it’s, it’s not.


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