Tuesday, May 11, 2021

18 Hilarious Times People Show Siblings Show Their ‘Love’ For Each Other

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Most people understand the concept of growing up with siblings because they have at least one. Even only-child can understand when they spend enough time with a cousin to banter and fight. Sibling love is often misunderstood as hatred because of how often we’d fight for the most trivial things ever.

But that’s probably the beauty of it as well. No matter how mad you’d fight, you won’t get mad forever. You also forgive each other after time goes by, and a truce is usually reached when there’s enough food on the table.

“Me at 4 years old, finding out my brother was in fact, not a sister.”


“I told my sister that she was holding Big Ben.”


How serious is sibling rivalry? Well, there was a time in the past where it is about life and death. “Sibling rivalry is so profound that hundreds of years ago, when child mortality was much higher, children under 5 with close-in-age siblings were more likely to die,” wrote mother-of-two Jessica Grose. However, Prof. Walter Sarah explains that this was when infectious diseases would spread among children combine with malnutrition in the 19th century.

“My sister’s troll birthday gift.”


“Just found this cute picture of me and my cousin, and my brother in the background.”


“Every time I take a shower, I draw something on the mirror so it reappears when my brother showers. Today I went for something a little creepier than normal…”


“So… my brother made a “pRanK” and did this… we don’t have a key.”


“Look at sibling love.”


 “My sister likes to take selfies. So do I.”


“My brother decided to wake me up like this.”


Those were times when people were literally scraping away to survive. But today, researchers studied that rivalries are important. “Differentiation from siblings serves to mitigate interpersonal rivalry with them,” Jeanine M. Vivona wrote. In other words, children learn how to identify themselves from others, although it may begin as something as simple as ‘becoming what the other is not.’

“$100 in singles individually wrapped for my brother.”


“Girls, where’s your sister?”


“My brother is so immature.”


“About to volunteer my sister for the ice bucket challenge.”


“When my sister realized I was non-returnable.”


“SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!”


Siblings rivalry is part of our nature; hence, favoritism is natural. Parents should love their kids equally, but that concept was not even perceived as logical until now. It’s common in animals to watch siblings fight for anything – power, position, safety, food, home, etc. This scientist was bitten by a baby shark in its mother’s womb when dissected, cannibalizing on its siblings.

“I changed my sister’s bathroom art while dog sitting. She still doesn’t realize that it doesn’t say ‘HOPE.’”


“How a big brother views his little sister getting married.”


“Finished wrapping my sister’s present. It’s a necklace.”


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