Sunday, May 9, 2021

15 Times People Drop Epic Comments That Are Too Good To Miss

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The best thing about some posts is sometimes the reactions of people who see them. These impulsively made commentaries are just one of the best things about the Internet and social media. Not everyone is gifted in the art of punchlines and making hilarious remarks about a certain situation.

We absolutely love these gems that are often buried deep under the millions of posts made on Reddit. The witty comments and remarks people shared here will definitely give you a mood boost.

Could you ever tell them the truth?


An introvert’s answer.


“There’s a Sid on my sister’s floor.”


“I figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things.”


“Etsy shop sent the wrong apron – now I have an apron with this random guy’s face.”


“My wife isn’t great at measurements and ordered a 28″ pizza for the two of us.”


Mom, what are you going to do, really?


“My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters.”


“The only baby picture I have… why?”


“A tin of cookies with actual cookies inside.”


“For Christmas, my dad received the exact outfit that he was wearing.”


Explain yourself.


“Since Christmas, I been wearing these noticing how the right ear sounds lower than the left one but just brushing it off.”


“Went to make a cup of tea and this jerk settled in for the night.”


Can I borrow…?


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