Monday, January 25, 2021

15 Signs to Know You Are a Sweet Tooth

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Do you always think of something sweet when you are hungry?

Sometimes it happens that although we are full with our meal, we do not want to let go of the dessert. You find it irresistible to leave the dessert so sometimes you just skip the meal or simply have a little meal to leave some space for the dessert.

You go to a party and all you think about is what sweet dishes do they have on menu?

In any case, you cannot ignore the desire to have something sweet on your plate to satisfy your diet.

We will give you a maximum number of reasons to assure that you do have a sweet tooth and you must enjoy this fun side of yours to taste the most luscious desserts.

1. Sweet along with Coffee/ Tea

Whether it is a cookie, a slice of cake or a sweet bun, tea time is always incomplete without these freshly baked delights.

2. Snack time is sweet time

You are hungry and you crave for something to eat and you always end up picking a chocolate bar as compared to snacks or chips.

3. Reason to Order Cake

You always find a reason to order cakes online for any blissful occasion because for you, celebration is only with tempting cake delivery.

4. You enjoy the leftovers

You enjoy eating the left over sweets; be it melted chocolate, cookie dough, cake batter or frosting.

5. You don't have a fixed time for eating dessert. You can always skip the main course for your favorite dessert. You enjoy having it whenever you want.

6. You browse a restaurant's menu by scanning its dessert section. You even make your reviews based on the desserts they serve.

7. You have a collection of past memories that involve something sweet in it.

8. Your friends always get you chocolates and sweet hampers for your birthday instead of gift cards or any other lavish gift.

9. You have the talent to eat an ice cream bucket within a day. Phew!

10. You are more concerned about your sweet meal than the main course.

11. You do not think that candies are just a kid's thing. You actually love to shop for candies and get really excited if someone gifts them to you.

12. You love to do experiments with sweet dish recipes only. Of course, it means you enjoy eating new flavors and trying new desserts instead of going over one again and again.

13. Your eyes sparkle when they witness sweets like ice cream, chocolates, cakes, mithai, and all the sweet stuff.

14. Even your morning starts with something sweet on the plate. It can be a cookie, a sweet bun, or if nothing, then a nutella sandwich or jam on your toast.

15. You like to keep a sweet in your bag instead of snacks or chips. It can be a small toffee, a chocolate bar or even a lollipop.

If you find yourself fulfilling the maximum of these signs, then for sure you have a sweet tooth.

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